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Understanding health and well-being is not difficult. They follow the logical laws of nature. Alternative medical techniques, developed over thousands of years, as well as current medical techniques have greatly enhanced our ability to evaluate, predict, offset and treat health issues from a natural perspective.

This website is dedicated to helping you follow that natural approach to health and healing. It includes information regarding my services as a chiropractor, nutritionist and neurofeedback therapist. Good health is based on sound structure, genuinely nutritious food intake and a well functioning brain. They work together to create a healthy mind, body and spirit…..a sense of well-being and true quality of life.

This can be achieved more easily than you may think. It requires taking responsibility for your health, willingness to make some changes in life style, and active participation in the healing process. I should know. I’ve had to make these changes but it’s worth everything to feel well and vital. It’s yours for the taking.

Also included is a section with links to Healthy Resources, tips for healthy living, recommended reading and research information.

Holistic Health Care

This approach looks for the root cause(s) of dysfunction and dis-ease in order to restore health and vitality to the physical, mental and emotional body. It treats the entire body, not just visible individual symptoms. Holistic health care combines structure, nutrition, and in our practice, brain health to remedy ill health.

Dr. Emanuel Cheraskin, in his book, Predicting Medicine, created a model for the development of poor health and disease. At its core are structure, diet, and emotion. If the spine is out of alignment, the diet poor, and/or the brain dysregulated, gradual dysfunction eventually leads to signs and symptoms that Western medicine can now diagnose and will usually treat with medication and surgery.

However, one can prevent, reduce and often reverse disease conditions by 1) maintenance of spinal alignment so nerve flow through spinal nerves to all parts of the body keep it functional and healthy, 2) consumption of a genuinely nourishing, healing diet, 3) checking for and treating dysregulated brain cells (neurons) with Neurofeedback (See Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS) on the next page.), and 4) avoiding chemical-laden products (in food, skincare, cosmetics, household products, etc.) as much as possible. See Healthy Resource Links for suggestions.