About Me

I have been involved in the natural healing arts my entire life. My grandmother’s life was saved in 1920 by a Naturopath/Osteopath. Following natural healing guidelines became a way of life for my family. It was not until I found I was teaching Health instead of high school English and History that I realized I had to change professions. I left the teaching profession and became a chiropractor. Married and with two young children, it was a bit daunting, but I knew it was the right thing to do.

I was licensed as a chiropractor in 1974 and found myself talking about nutrition and entered a Masters program. I received an MS in Biology with an emphasis in Nutrition in 1981. Because of back injuries, I retired from active Chiropractic practice in 1992 and entered Art School. After reading a book my son, Dr. Steve Kamph, showed me on Neurofeedback and healing the brain, I realized how very important this was and returned to open a new practice in 2007. In 2010 I became Board Certified in Neurofeedback.

My practice today centers on healing the whole body…the structure and the brain…and using food that supports them both as an additional healing tool. We are one whole as Eastern medicine has always taught. My intent is to determine the reason for a person’s ill health and/or behavior and bring him or her back to optimum health. In some cases that may involve other practitioners as well. As the saying goes: “Whatever it takes.”

My Book

My book, Heal Yourself, Mind Body Spirit, is a concise, practical, easy to read guide which explains how your body works, what to do to keep it strong and healthy. Included are basic dietary guidelines, emergency procedures, description of the relationship between the structure, function and diet and how they affect mood and emotions. As stated above, our mind and body are intimately connected.

The book can be purchased by sending $15.00 to Dr. Marcia Kamph, 408 Westminster Ave., Suite 12, Newport Beach, CA 92663. I will be happy to include information on Gluten Intolerance and Tips for Substitutes for a Gluten Free Diet which has become more important in recent years as the US food supply has become more toxic and contaminated.

“An integrative, practical guide for rebuilding and enhancing your health and vitality.” Jeremy E. Kaslow MD FACP FACAI

“A book which is practical and written concisely presents important and vital data on the real way to stay healthy.” Ron Lawrence, MD, Former faculty member at UCLA School of Medicine; Holds credentials in Neurology, Psychiatry and EEG

“If I had your book 20 years ago I would have saved myself having to read twenty more books to learn all that you have put into one. I am so grateful. Please, send me 3 more books. I want to educate 3 more people.” L. Marie Robertson, Mother

“…a gem of practical and informative ways to optimize ones’ health. She has summarized and synthesized vast amounts of complicated data and concepts into clear, concise and meaningful language. Her obvious compassion for us encourages us to take the journey toward balanced health and experience real joy.” Mona Coates, PhD.

“This book is a template for a healthy lifestyle.” R. Lloyd Friesen, DC Past President California Chiropractic Association